Clan Pompey Membership

Membership of Clan Pompey

If you are an ex-pat living in Scotland or perhaps just across the border in Carlisle or Newcastle with more than a passing interest in Portsmouth Football Club
and would like to join Clan Pompey, - here's what it will cost you, the benefits you'll receive and what to do next:

Annual membership to Clan Pompey is:


    Join us for membership meetings, social events and televised matches together.
    Share travelling, companionship and beer stories to matches home and away.
    Vote for the 'Clan Pompey Player of the Season Award' and have the opportunity to present the trophy to the winning player.
    Chat with fellow fans on our FACEBOOK group (including non-members).
    Chance to get further involved in helping run the supporters club - including writing match reports, taking match photos etc.
    Clan Pompey organise ticket purchases and distribution of match tickets - along with organised travel where appropriate.
    Be part of and chat with fellow paid members within the Clan Pompey "What's App" Group.
    The pride of being in an official Pompey supporters club!

**We do not guarantee tickets for any match (home or away) but we endeavour to try to fulfil your needs.**

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Clan Membership

If you are interested in joining the Clan - here's what it will cost you,

Adult - £10 per year,

Child - £5 per year,

Family - £20 per year.

Clan Pompey Exec Committee

Chair - Richard Brook.

Vice-Chair - Andrew Crawford.

Secretary - Phil Reed.

Treasurer & Tickets - Scott Clark.

Membership - Carl Wrightson.

Clan Awards

As a member of the clan, you get to vote for

The Player of the Season.

Also there is a chance to present the trophy to them

at the final home game of the season.

Have Your Say

Join in the banter on our Facebook Page.

All paid members can join our Whats App Group.

Send in your pictures for the galleries.

Get in contact via our contact page.