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Clan Pompey AGM 2016

The Clan Pompey AGM for 2016 will be held on Saturday 23rd July 2016 at 12:30 onwards at:

Ryries Bar
1 Haymarket, Edinburgh, EH12, Scotland

All members are welcome and anybody else interested in joining the Clan then please come along - we’re a friendly bunch! If you have any agenda items or suggestions for things to discuss then please email us.

Clan AGM - minutes

Minutes of Clan Pompey AGM Season Ending 2013-14

Venue: The Wash Bar, 11-13 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2LP Date: 26th July 2014 Time: 12:30 for 13:00
Attendees: Simon Bowman ( Chairman), Neil Wiggins, Steve John, Alan Cottingham, Neil Davies, Richard Brook, Andrew White, Jan Edwards, Dougie Tomlinson, Carl Wrightson, Sam and Martin Shields, Bob Blanks, Suzie Blanks, Stephen Blanks, Gav Rudd, Rachel Renihan and Gavin, Ben Casey, John and Michael Redford, Paul Chappell & daughter), Scott Clark, Craig Dishington, Stanley and Elsie Wiggins (part)
Apologies: Ken Wilson, Michael Maunder, Sarah Jane Edwards, Matt Parvin, Scott McKenzie, Brian Brooks

1. Previous minutes (comments);

2. Accounts/expenditure: Steve to give brief summary; Steve explained that we had achieved all we set out to do at last year’s AGM, notably the objective of reducing the cash balance from c£1000 to c£800 which had been achieved by reducing membership fees for the year, we made a bit of a loss on Hartlepool trip which was priced too tightly. We now have 69 paying members compared to just 31 three years ago.

3. Office Bearers; Chairman/merchandise: Simon Bowman Vice Chairman: Neil Wiggins Treasurer: Steve John Secretary: Alan Cottingham Membership: Rob Stevenson Web/Admin: Brian Brooks Social: Ken Wilson Transport/Travel: Scott Clark
Current office bearers are all willing to carry on in roles. Morgan be added to the Committee as he felt they would make a valuable contribution.
The Chairman extended a warm welcome and thanked all those involved in running Clan Pompey.

4. Membership:
Subscription – there was much debate over what was an acceptable price for individual and family memberships, a delicate balance in finding a price at which the Clan can break even. We may charge more than other PFC Supporters clubs but we do more together, ie away coaches, buffets, Christmas lunch etc. We don’t want to deter “armchair” members who don’t attend matches or gatherings, those who do actively participate had no issue with higher membership fees.
A rise in annual fees to £10 single/ £5 per child with a cap of £20 for a family was voted upon and approved.
How to attract new Clan membership, agreed that the Clan flag at grounds is the best advert. Facebook page membership now at 500.
No new suggestions for website, well done Brian for how it currently looks. The map of members location is a good addition. The Twitter account is not used so this can be retired.

5. Matches and Travel:
Games for next season, Tranmere, Bury, Hartlepool, Carlisle (Stuart Borrill’s stag weekend 3 & 4 April 2015), York. Fleetwood
Clan Big Day Oot - Mini bus/coach/train – Stephen Blanks mentioned that he works for Stagecoach and could potentially get the Clan a 30% discount on any size bus or coach for away
Steve proposed that Neil Davies, Nigel Parr and Paul
fixtures ( NB we would have to leave it in a better state than last season’s Hartlepool coach!). Next action: Clan Travel coordinator (Scott Clark) to contact Stephen when away games decided.

6. Merchandise:
T-shirts for new season – Michael’s bus design adopted as front of new season’s t-shirt. Neil W to continue with production of T-shirts.
Merchandise with new logo, agreed that Clan Pompey wristbands should be ordered in all sizes and sold to existing members and at away games to raise funds for the Clan. Michael and John to order and supply. Also looking at Silk Scarves. Redford and Sons to continue putting merchandise ideas to Clan committee throughout the season.
Badges – no new order this season, wristbands are this season’s must have!

7. Donations:

Pompey Academy, a Clan donation was not discussed, many members have made individual donations.
Ride to Bury Cycle Ride – we donated £50 when approached by the ride organisers.
Clan Wreath for Remembrance Service at Haymarket, Craig funded this himself, well done Craig!
It was agreed that in most cases individual donations were suitable rather than the Clan donating, if a charity or organisation approach the Clan for sponsorship (eg the Ride to Bury) then Neil W will vet the request and consult the Committee for a decision on whether a Clan donation is suitable/appropriate.

8. Christmas:
Dependant on fixtures, Luton away on 28 Dec may be televised but do we want a Christmas do after Christmas? The Bon Accord will be the favoured venue for any bash.

9. AOB: Steve moaned about the beer, Jan moaned about the beer, Carl moaned about the beer! (I won’t forget!)
Then followed a highly entertaining football quiz, thanks to Brian for the questions and Neil for the picture round. Well done to Richard, Andrew, Carl and Alan who were the winners.

Clan AGM 2014-15 update

This year’s Clan Pompey AGM will be held in Edinburgh on Saturday 26 July starting at 1pm, sharp.
The venue is
The Wash Bar, 11-13 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2LP

It’s a 5 minute (uphill) walk from Waverley station, exit the station via Market Street or Waverley Bridge and head towards the Castle. It’s opposite the Banking Museum with great views out over Edinburgh and towards Fife.
We will have the upstairs function room from 12.30pm to 5.30pm, the room has it’s own bar. (Caledonian Best and Williams IPA on draft as well as several lagers and Guinness.) After the AGM there will be a buffet and then a football quiz.
Please let us know if you will be attending so we can get numbers for the buffet. Hope to see you all there!

Clan AGM 2014-15

The Clan Pompey Annual General Meeting has been arranged prior to next season for SATURDAY 26TH JULY 2014 - but this year it will be held in a pub in EDINBURGH.

Neil Wiggins will kindly organise a venue & we will advise everyone of exact arrangements nearer the time

Simon Bowman will be preparing the meeting agenda - so please contact him direct if you wish to raise any suggestions, concerns, new ideas, changes etc about Clan Pompey.

Please add the date to your diary and hope to see you all there!


Clan and Pompey club officals meeting

Clan Pompey members were delighted to meet PFC club officials at the team hotel the night before the Fleetwood match. In attendance was Iain McInnes (Chairman), Mark Catlin (Chief Executive), Richie Barker (Manager) and Johnny Moore (Support Liaison Officer). Everything was discussed from questions from clan members about matters both on and off the pitch. There was far to much information discussed to summarise here and some information was only for the ears of those present in the room!

I think I can safely say, that all clan members left the meeting not only having enjoyed an evening of talking everything Pompey - but hearing the firsthand honest opinions of the custodians of our club. They clearly have the right attitude, sensibility and steerage our club has been lacking for years and hearing some of the behind the scenes financial woes - I think it is important that we cut Ritchie Barker and the club management some slack with indifferent on the field performances. Their hands remain financially tied and player transfers remain out of our reach. So for the time being, we must continue to cobble together a team made of youth, misfits, and free transfers and injure the inconsistency and ‘square peg in a round hole’ team positions. But more importantly, the club has made massive strides back towards long term financial security and infrastructure. Everything else takes time.

Clan Pompey would officially like to thank everybody involved in organising an entertaining and enlightening evening of discussion.

AGM minutes

Clan Pompey AGM 11th May 2013. Bon Accord, Glasgow.

15 members present:
Stephen John.
Nigel Parr.
Neil Wiggins.
Alan Cottingham.
Paul Chappell.
Mark Drain.
Mark MacDonald.
Brian Brooks.
Richard Brook.
John Henry.
Ken Wilson.
Jim MacDonald.
Bob Hobbs.
Ben Casey.
Simon Bowman.

Gary Cronin
Neil Davies.
Ian Dickie.
Chris Evans.
Jim Hainey.
Michael Maunder.
Paul Morgan.
Matt Pavin.
Rob Stevenson.
Andy Wallace.
John Whitaker.

New members Paul, Mark and Mark welcomed to the Clan.

1. Accounts.
Stevie John gave a brief summary of accounts. Clan has a healthy bank balance of £1038. Stevie said that payments for tickets and membership had gone smoothly this season and thanked members for their prompt payments.

2. Membership.
Fees were discussed and the following decision voted in. Membership fees for season 2013-2014 will be £5 for individuals and £10 for family. This will be for one season and revisited at next AGM.

Promotion of new members.
Brian Brooks to open a Clan Pompey Twitter account. (done)
Brian Brooks also to look into business cards for members to hand out.
Clan adverts in away match programs. It was felt that this could be raised through the season when necessary.

3. Matches and Travel.
Possibility of another coach trip, preferably early season. Dependant on fixtures.

Stevie John requested that members keep their contact details up to date.

4. Christmas get together.
Dependant on fixture list. Possible away day.

5. Use of Funds.
Lapel badges – Bob Hobbs showed a picture of the new 12
th Man badge. It has an added scroll under the badge with the date of the PST takeover. All thought this looked really good. Simon Bowman to enquire the costs of creating a Clan badge with something similar.

PayForAPalScheme – those present unanimously felt that Clan should not donate this season. Should be an individual thing.

Clan Div 2 Tour “T” shirts – Neil Wiggins to look into options.

6. AOB.
Members present raised the question of Clan logo merchandise, shirts, hats and scarves – Simon Bowman to contact suppliers to see if they still hold logo template. A merchandise order will then be run.

A special mention for Scott Clark for all his work and loyal support.

Meeting closed with everyone cheering on Wigan.

Clan Pompey AGM minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - BON ACCORD, GLASGOW 15th October 2011 Present:- Chairman: Simon Bowman, Treasurer: Stephen John, Secretary: Alan Cottingham, Membership:Jamie Kirkby   (Not Present), Website/Admin: Brian Brooks (Not Present), Others attending: Chris Evans, Ken Wilson, Phil Cook, Jim Hainey, Neil Davies (new member…welcome) 
1. A quick nod of approval in regards to the acceptance of last years minutes. 2. ACCOUNTS  Steve gave a brief account of last year’s expenditure and confirmed that the Clan Pompey current bank balance is a very healthy. 3. MEMBERSHIP
a)  It was put forward that Neil Wiggins wanted a more of an active role in the Clan. After a quick e-mail it was deemed another wee practical joke by his mate Jamie. Unfortunately Neil can’t spare the time with his work commitments and family. At the moment we have Ken Wilson who has taken on the role as Social member for the Blackpool trip and has already put the wheels in motion as we speak. Alan Cottingham will look into trying to organising the Xmas Dinner on the 18th December.
b) It was also decided that no membership cards were required for near future as it was deemed to be unnecessary.
c)  Membership fees were also to stay the same as last year £5.00 Seniors £10.00 Adults £20.00 Family membership It was also requested that the fees have to be paid up front. There to many members leaving it to the last minute.  d)  It was also discussed that the Club should try to promote the Club and push for new members. Brian Brooks has already started an open group page for any Pompey members on Facebook so please lets try and get everyone involved.  e) As it seems nearly every Clan member are going down for the Blackpool trip, it might be an idea for an advert being placed in the Blackpool programme on match day to ask for new members to join the Clan. We use to do this in the past and we gained quite a few members along the way by doing the adverts.  f) A big thank you to Phil Reed for the past few years on looking after the Clan’s Website and keeping up dated. Brian Brooks is now looking after our interests on the website and has asked for our help by sending any Clan Pompey photos from the past. So, please help out where we can. 
4. BLACKPOOL TRIP As most of you know the BIG WEEKEND is in Blackpool to watch Pompey play and have a damn good time. As mentioned before it was discussed that Ken Wilson has taken a big active role at has already got a small hotel in mind. So look out for your e-mails because places are being snapped up as we speak. As Northern Blues have been such great friends to Clan Pompey these last few years. Could say they are our Brothers in Arms or even our Blues Brothers.  It was put forward that we put a small spread on and a few beers for them all in the hotel where we will be staying.  5. CHRISTMAS DINNER -  Sunday 18th December It was decided that the best place to have the Xmas dinner would be the Bon Accord in Glasgow. Over the years they have stuck by us and put up with our antics these past  nine years. They are willing to put aside a large area for the xmas dinner and will make sure that the Portsmouth v Southampton game will be shown live on Sky for us. As Kick off is 1pm we will not be eating until about 3.30ish. It would be great occasion and would be brilliant if we could get as many Clan Members and family at the Bon Accord as possible. If not for the game maybe for the Xmas Dinner. To try and coax Clan members and family away from their cosy settees it was decided that the Clan would pay a good portion of the price for the Dinner for members and family. So, a lovely Xmas Dinner for £10!! Yes a five course meal for £10 each. What more do you want…Portsmouth beating Southampton…A good meal for a tenner..and of course good company and a few drinks thrown in during the afternoon. So please make a big effort. Could do your Xmas shopping in the morning and chill with good friends watching footie and having a good meal later on in the afternoon. Alan Cottingham will give you all the details at a later date. 6. MERCHANDISE Simon is going to look into the firm that use to do our Merchandise to see if they still have the Clan templates.    7. BON ACCORD Chris has kindly offered his signed Portsmouth shirt that the Clan present Chris for being a good egg and for all the hard work he put in these last 8 years. So we will ask the Bon Accord if they are willing to put up in the pub when it is framed. 8.  DERBY GAMES In regards to the two derby matches with Southampton. They will be MEMBERS ONLY for the tickets so don’t go putting pressure on Stephen for extra tickets for this game because you won’t get them. Members only!! So don’t ask.   9. TEN YEARS ON   Would you believe in July next year Clan Pompey will be ten years old. Scary eh? Where has all the time gone. It would be great if we could do something special to mark this event. Might an idea to invite past members back for a night out. Anyway, get your thinking caps on and see what you come up with. Lastly a big thank you for Stephen John and Young Simon Bowman for all there hard work this year as Chairman & Treasurer. It is sometimes a thankless task and all you seem to get is hassle…So, cheers lads        

Clan Pompey AGM

Clan Pompey AGM Agenda 2011-2012.

Date: 15th October 2011.
Time: 1400.
Venue: Bon Accord. 153 North Street. Glasgow. G3 7DA.

1. Acceptance of last years minutes.

2. Accounts.
Brief summary of accounts

3. Office Bearers.
Chairman Simon Bowman.
Treasurer Stephen John.
Secretary Alan Cottingham.
Membership Jamie Kirkby.
Website/Admin Brian Brooks (to be formally agreed).
(Posts to be confirmed).

4. Membership.
Membership cards
Promotion of new members.
Membership fees.
Payments for membership outstanding.

5. Matches/Travel.
Burnley, 10th December.
Scummers, 18
th December.
Leicester, 31
st December.
The BIG weekend – Blackpool, 11
th February.
Barnsley, 18
th February.
Doncaster, 14
th April.
Notts Forest, 28
th April.

6. Website.
Thanks to Phil for looking after the website.
Thanks to Brian for taking up the role.
Reminder; send photos and tales to Brian.

7. 2011 Christmas Dinner.

8. Use of Funds.

9. Flags.

10. AOB.

11. Beer time, watch telly.

(Meeting outcome to follow)...

Clan Pompey AGM

AGM : 31st July 2010
The AGM was held on Saturday 31st of July at Mathers Bar in Edinburgh.  Thanks to Jamie and Neil for arranging the venue. 

The key highlights from the meeting were; Membership fees are to stay the same. Chris Evans, founder member and former Chairman and Secretary to stand down.  However, Chris will remain an active member of Clan Pompey.  He was give an Honorary Membership.  We all thanked him for his hard work over the years.

New club structure is:
Chairman : Simon Bowman Secretary : Alan Cottingham Treasurer : Stephen John Membership :  Jamie Kirkby Web Admin : Phil Reed