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Clan in Carlisle match day programme

Spotted! - Clan Pompey info in the Carlisle match day programme.


Carlisle v Pompey match summary

The first clan away game of the season proved to be a very local game against Carlisle. Much was anticipated after promising performances watched last weekend by myself and other clan members mid-week. Unfortunately it was anything but promising - with a return to the long forgotten days of lower league football. Sloppy mistakes, poor performances throughout the whole team - coupled with a threatening Carlisle forward line, signalled bad news. That said many of our goals conceded were from poor defensive errors - getting court in possession or making silly mistakes. On this sort of performance, which has been rightly highlighted by Appleton and certain players as sub-standard - it just points to what we probably all expected anyway, it’s going to be a long, long tough season.

Despite the late dramatic goal fest of the last twenty minutes and a number of clan members missing Carlisle’s second goal just after the restart, Pompey were nowhere near good enough to been Carlisle, who had a lot more threat about them going forward. Neither side looked overly impressive at the back, but we lacked a real attacking edge for large parts of the match. I think we got what we deserved, as weren’t good enough on the day. Frustratingly - we found a little consistent form in the final half hour of the game and some more attacking threat going forward after substitutions, but no sooner had we scored - did we concede yet again. It is quickly becoming apparent that a number of our players are not good enough for this league and are punching above their weight. I hate to highlight a single player as throughout the side we were well below par, but the centrefold ‘Mclead’ was just shocking (poor touch, not threatening in front of goal etc).

So a poor day at the office and I think I was not alone amongst the travelling clan members thankful that we had a relatively short journey home (except poor old Ken - legend!). I certainly felt for those who travelled up from the south coast - a long journey at the best of times, let alone after a team performance like that!

Football aside - it was still a good day and good to catch up with old and new faces and most people seemed to enjoy the pre-match buffet and drinks at the rugby club. I got a little excited when I thought i’d won the goalscorer sweepstake - only to find out the App on my iPhone had the wrong goal time! Gutted - still well done Scotty.

Look forward to the next away day - when hopefully we’ll see the proper pompey team…!

Colchester v Pompey match summary

A cracking match with what was probably a fair score.
Pompey played in a great looking orange strip, with black shorts which looked impressive under the floodlights.
An end to end game that started with both teams making lots of effort but no real risk of scoring.
I spent most of the evening trying to learn who our new players were as none were known to me.  Luke Rodgers (10) will be forever recognisable.  A bald headed, stocky centre forward who makes Steve Stone look like a pussy cat!  He scored the first goal with a clinical finish and he twice hit the post in the second half.  Our second goal, scored by super sub Obita came from one of the rebounds.  Izale McLeod was alongside Rodgers upfront and was unlucky not to score or win a good penalty shout.
Our goalkeeper Andersen seemed to lack confidence early on but as the game went on he improved.  He does tend to be a puncher of the ball though, which is not great for the nerves! 
Long (4) and Connelly (14) worked well as a central defensive partnership.  Adam Webster (22) looked like a young Greg Halford and played well in a right back role.
Mustapha Dumbaya (2), distinctive with a gold fringe in his black hair played well on the right but could have timed his crosses better.  Compton on the other side did well but frustratingly many of his crosses were met by the keeper at the front post.
Brian Howard (8) in centre midfield did well as captain and whilst some experienced Col players were losing their heads, Pompey players were totally professional throughout.
Official figures are that we had 1,114 fans at the match and the total crowd was just over 4,000.   Best chant of the night, “Your ground is too big for you”. 
At the end, every Pompey player applauded the fans and the biggest cheer was for Michael Appleton, who does seem to relish the support he receives from the fans.
It was a great advert for league 1 football.

Rob Stevenson

Pompey v Bournemouth match summary

Well….we made it to the season start! The long term future of the club obviously still hangs in the balance - but it was nice to focus on football for a change to the continuing back-room saga. I’m sure someday - somebody is going to make an awesome film of the story of our club and its’ adventures!!!

Pompey opened the season against local rivals Bournemouth at Fratton Park - with an almost completely new starting eleven and subs bench. Appleton is already a legend - who has to applauded for not only remaining professional and positive with everything going on around him - but to cobble together a completely new team from scratch - and to make them genuinely competitive!

A few thoughts about todays game. 

Good 1st half performance - we looked superb from the off and almost run out of steam when we seemed to die away in the 2nd half. Cracking atmosphere all game and a decent crowd of over 17k.

On the pitch - it looks like we've picked up a good few prospects. Centre-backs ‘Long’ and ‘Connolly’ looked pretty decent and solid. (We heard afterwards on the radio that they only joined the club on friday night - with appleton meeting them in a hotel and the first time they met the rest of the team was when they were putting their kit on today?!) Amazing performance and understanding generally with that in mind! It something that can only improve as they become more experienced playing together.

 The rightback looked really good on the ball - a new vince hilaire going forward?! Other highlights included ‘Williamson’ looking solid in the middle and left midfield ‘Compton’ looked nippy and not afraid to take people on. Lots of good tackling and big hearts shown by whole team - which is always what any fan wants to see. However we looked a little goal shy and toothless upfront - but hopefully that will improve.  We were very lucky with our goal - after a dreadful goalkeeping error when the ball slipped through his legs. The Fratton end was ever-forgiving though and did not give him any stick for the rest of the game?!

In a nutshell - plenty to be positive about the game today. Looking forward to Carlisle.

Brian Brooks

Season end summary

Well folks - that’s another season over and whilst troubles off the field and relogation have tainted another season following the blue army - we can still fondly look back on watching some great football and some fantastic trips away with all the clan members. Highlights that will live long in the memory must include a cracking result away at the scum (albeit for me witnessed via TV), but for me generally the highlight this season more so than usual, was the fantastic ‘party’ atmosphere and ‘never say die’ spirit witnessed at many away games. The best that I witnessed was the Blackpool away game - which was a fantastic cornucopia of crazy hats, fancy dress and togetherness - which all created a great match experience and weekend. What was your favourite match performance and clan away day? Give your thoughts on the Facebook page.

Now personally, I am not too bothered that we went down - on the positives it means some ‘proper’ football (including standing at games - how very ‘old school’!) and some new grounds to check off the list. Plus of course - a very ‘local game’ for all the clan members away at Carlisle!

The Clan Pompey player of the season award as voted by our members was won by Stephen Henderson and a fantastic trophy was passed on to our now Ex keeper via PFC. John Whittaker was our very own Clan Pompey fantasy league winner this year - so congratulations go out to him - I hear it was all a bit close and exciting in the end! Well done from the Clan and thank you to all who took part.

Finally, on behalf of the Clan I wish to thank all the administrators and all the active members for all their hard work and support keeping the supporters club going and for all their hard work organising tickets, travel, away day plans etc. A special thank you goes out to Stevie - who’s hard work is often forgotten but always appreciated!

Look forward to seeing you all next season.


Blackpool v Pompey weekend/match report

The clan were on their travels again - this time ‘on mass’ heading towards the ‘picturesque’ city of Blackpool with an extended stay by the sea. We arrived by train on the saturday morning (a few ‘die hards’ travelled down the day before) and we descended onto our accommodation - the Sandgate hotel, who clearly underestimated their beer supplies for the onslaught gathering of Clan members, Northern blues and Westwood and entourage! As we enjoyed the buffet (well done Ken for organising it all) it proved to be a great occasion for catching up with friends and agreeable pre-match preparations!

The short walk to the ground (well done again Ken!) was like a step through some ‘crazy dream’ with every pompey fan seemingly dressed as Elvis, wearing some form of fancy dress, silly hat or wig! (Who won the competition then Chris?) It all helped to generate an atmosphere by the travelling fans that would turn out to be a bit special. From the moment the ground started to fill - to long after most home fans had gone, the travelling fans never stopped singing - clearly enjoying the occasion. However once again, (and I seem to write this all to often), the home fans created no atmosphere and were quite frankly pathetic! Where has all the passion and singing gone from football grounds these days……?

The game started and the first major chance came to Blackpool with a free kick from the left that was crossed in and seemed to beat everybody including Henderson. Thankfully it was disallowed for offside. The game continued with both teams fairly even. Blackpool probably had the lions’ share of possession but they found a Pompey rear guard that was again on top form. Pompey chances throughout the game largely seemed to be about breaking with pace on the counter-attack, with both Futacs and Hesklopp keeping busy with plenty of running. Any chances through the midfield seemed to come through Etuhu but he seemed lacking any real pace and his short runs seemed to end with plenty of promise but no end product. Lawence too - on a number of occasions seemed to get beaten easily and just ‘give up’ then not chasing the player - quite the opposite to Mullins who looked ever competitive in the tackling. Normally not my favourite player - but looked solid in midfield.

The half time was fast approaching with the game remaining a pretty even contest - somewhat surprising considering the league positions and form guide. However Blackpool were proving to be not quite so ‘unbeatable’ - an opinion that had been vehemently exclaimed by a ‘slightly inebriated’ Blackpool fan on the train journey down! Just as we were waiting for the halftime whistle, came the opening goal - a short cross from the right was not cleared and Hesklopp found the ball at his feet and with a quick turn - beat the goalkeeper. The travelling fans erupted as the Pompey players came over to celebrate in front of the cheering blue army masses.

There was little time for the match to get going again before the half time whistle and a standing ovation from the travelling fans (not that we ever sat down!)

The second half began with a fans’ display of unity and support about the plight of the financial miss-management within the club. As the second half started, the vast majority of the travelling fans turned their backs to the game for two minutes, with a rousing rendition of ‘Appletons blue and white army’. Some clan members who will remain nameless couldn’t resist a peak at the action - going on behind them though! Whilst some may see it (as what it was) something that will have little affect in the grand scheme of things, it did offer the fans a chance to collectively express their togetherness under the spotlight of live tv cameras - and certainly gave me a lump in my throat….

The second half was largely about missed chances for Pompey, firstly Hesklopp and Futacs beat the offside trap with two on one but wasted the pass/shot effort - clearly in two minds. Then Futacs had an effort that brushed the post beating the keeper to his left. However the pressure from Blackpool was unsurprisingly building and it was possibly not surprise when those chances to extend the lead came back to haunt us. A weak free kick was won against Halford just outside the right side of the area - with the resulting shot a sweetly taken curling shot in the top corner - which gave Henderson no chance at saving. Finally the home fans came to life… temporarily (within a few minutes, normality was resumed). Now on the pitch with added impetus, it was now set up for a Blackpool win and it was only a good diving save by Henderson late on that denied them that luxury.

The final whistle was met by great cheer - whilst it felt as though we had let two points slip away, in reality it was a good result away from home against an inform team. As the teams left the field - It was great to see so many players coming over and applauding the travelling fans and throwing various parts of clothing into the stand! I’m sure a large does of admiration was drifting pitch side towards the stands.

As previously mentioned, long after the home fans had made for the exits, many travelling fans were still on the terraces singing and dancing. It had the air of last day ‘staying up’ celebrations - a bit extra special. Eventually we made our way towards the exit and I saw a number of the grounds’ stewards standing in awe, smiling and clearly impressed by the fantastic support - even by Pompeys’ standards it was something else.
And so began operation Blackpool night life commenced! The clan unfortunately got fragmented into different bars and restaurants around Blackpool, but eventually many of us rejoined in a pub back near the hotel to suffer the ‘delights’ of karaoke. Whilst much cajoling took place - I refrained from such inappropriate behaviour! The beer flowed long into the night, as did the Pompey chimes - much to the eventual annoyance of the table of ladies next to us in the pub, who all took the the matter of karaoke a bit too serious! Highlight of the evening was probably Jims’ singing and Jim, Steve and Simons’ dancing! Oh dear lads……!

Overall an enjoyable weekend I think was had by all - and the game was pretty damn good too!

Brian Brooks

Pompey Supporters Trust support

50233_100547453320461_1662_nFans Day Pin badge

Clan Pompey is proud to support our friends at the ‘Pompey 12th man website’ (Portsmouth Supporters Trust) initiative. Please visit their website to register your important support.

“The fans of Portsmouth Football Club have always been Pompey's 12th man. It's time for Pompey fans all over the world to stand together and show our support for the club as it faces yet another crisis.

But this time, the Club needs more than just loyal support from the stands. It needs to look at a different model of ownership, with meaningful supporter involvement and dialogue, allowing those who care about the club the most - the fans- to help safeguard the club's future and play a real role in running and developing the football club.
It's time to show the strength of our commitment to the football club we love. The names and faces on this site have signed up to support a new way forward for Pompey. Make your voice heard - and make it matter.

If you believe that fans should have a significant role in Portsmouth Football Club, and ensure the football club represents the best of our proud City, then please register and show your support.”

Chelsea v Pompey match report

Chelsea v Portsmouth, FA Cup Third Round, 8th Jan 2012

The walk from Fulham Broadway tube station to Stamford Bridge provided an illuminating moment about the opposition for the travelling Pompey fans. How many other football clubs have hot food vans selling roast pork baguettes and smoked salmon? The other point to note was the sheer quantity of stewards Chelsea had laid on to prevent us from interacting with their fans. Two solid lines of yellow jackets extended from the away fans’ entry point to the road outside the stadium, forming a gauntlet that took several ticket checks and a continual threat of frisking to negotiate. It seemed our reputation had come before us!

Inside the stadium and the away end was packed out, as was the rest of the ground. Needless to say the 3,000 Pompey fans had no trouble making more noise than 37,000 Chelsea supporters throughout the afternoon! The team line-ups revealed that Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas had paid us the respect of opting to play the strongest team that he could given the absences of Drogba and Kalou to the African Cup of Nations, and Daniel Sturridge to injury. For Portsmouth, Luke Varney was still not fit, but Ward and Halford returned from suspension. Michael Appleton opted to go for a 4-4-2 formation, albeit a quite defensive one as front men Dave Kitson and Marko Futacs would spend much of the game behind the ball.

The match started with real excitement for the Pompey fans as in the first thirty seconds Kitson found himself with just the keeper to beat but only managed to pull his shot wide. From then on the game settled into a pattern with Chelsea having most of the ball and zipping it around on the ground. Pompey however, appeared comfortable, if occasionally stretched, and still offered some threat going forward, After 20 minutes all Chelsea had to show form their superior possession and territory was a header from Torres that was saved easily enough by Henderson. Torres was as petulant as I remembered from observing him playing for Liverpool at Fratton Park a couple of years ago – continuously moaning to anyone who would listen. At one point Aaron Mokoena brushed against him by the touchline and he threw himself to the ground. Nobody, not even his own team-mates, paid him any attention whatsoever, and he eventually got up and carried on!

The rest of the half continued in much the same vein with Pompey holding Chelsea off with surprising ease and Pearce and Rocha doing very well at the back. Lampard burst into the box and Henderson saved at his feet, but Chelsea were beginning to resort to long shots and crosses from deep that normally consisted of Malouda blasting the ball high and wide. Pompey hadn’t created much since the first minute but were causing Chelsea a few problems down the wings from time to time. 0-0 at half-time and Pompey were very comfortable.

Unfortunately, all this went to pot straight after half-time. Ashley Cole bundled the ball through to Malouda and he got in behind the defence and pulled the ball back for Mata to slam home. Straight after the goal I could see on the replay on one of the big screens that the Pompey defence had been claiming that Cole had handled. He was probably guilty as charged but the referee hadn’t seen it and the slight hesitation had given Malouda the space he needed.

Following this Pompey didn’t crumble and produced our best moment of the match. Kitson dispossessed David Luiz and poked the ball through to Futacs. He had a shot saved by Cech and the ball came to Joel Ward who headed the ball goalwards only to see it blocked on the line by John Terry. David Norris then blasted a shot towards the corner only for Cech to recover and save it. Terry was down injured after this, having collided with the post. He received some magic spray while the Pompey fans delivered a loud rendition of the Pompey Chimes and ‘Terry’s going to prison’ but sadly he was ok to play on after a few minutes. Later in the game he managed to plant his studs in Ward’s chest but the ref only gave him a yellow card.

On the terraces, Portsmouth fans were having a great time making much more noise than Chelsea’s legions. An amusing moment came when some of the home fans roused themselves enough to sing ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’ and Pompey fans immediately joined in and upped the volume considerably.

The score remained 1-0 until the last 10 minutes. At this point Appleton decided to go for it and altered the tactics and formation. First he replaced Mullins with Huseklepp on wide left and pushed Lawrence into the middle, and then he took off Rocha, who may have had a knock, and replaced him with Williams (centre-half for right midfield).This left Pompey with three at the back in a very attacking 3-5-2 arrangement. The manager probably had this switch planned from the start as the two players at full-back, Halford and Mokoena, are much more comfortable in the middle. The change looked like it might pay dividends as Pompey started pressurising Chelsea’s defence with a series of crosses and breakaways that Chelsea were just about managing to deal with.

The game was up however with five minutes to go as Ramires stabbed home a loose ball in the box to make it 2-0. A killer blow. Two minutes later and it was 3-0 as Pompey refused to sit back and Ramires was played in by Torres on the half-way line to run through and lift a quality shot into the top right hand corner. Deep into stoppage time, Lampard managed to find space on the edge of the box to stroke home a fourth and make the score look incredibly harsh for Pompey. The gamble had not paid off but at least we had had the guts to try to hit back rather than accept a 1-0 defeat in a cup match. It was a game that we could quite easily have drawn or even won on another day, despite being up against one of the top Premier League sides, so pride was very much intact. However, the day out was over and there will be no trip to Wembley this season, unless of course a play-off final materialises!

John Whitaker