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Burnley v Pompey match report

Sat 10th Dec 2011
A bitterly cold, frosty morning greeted our early train extravaganza from Glasgow (Ed. Carlisle) southwards towards Burnley. The clan were on their travels again! For some, a considerable task with up to four separate train journeys - starting and ending in the early hours! Never the less, on route - a hearty full English breakfast, a noteworthy rant over Preston stations’ lack of toilets and a considerable dousing of beer - all aided in keeping spirits high on our traveling adventure. After our final train leg - a tediously slow crawl of a journey - through the ‘picturesque’ Lancashire landscape - we eventually arrived at a damp and dreary Burnley.
Pre-match pub banter predominately centred around every football fans’ tried and tested dilemma of head verses heart. On paper - Burnley came into the game in good form and would certainly have fancied their chances against Pompey without a win away all season. It suggested a recipe of head over heart with many predicting a low score draw or close burnley win....


The match itself was largely a nullifying ordeal - with neither side producing many real goal scoring threats. Pompey demonstrated some neat one touch passing at times and some positive play - yet repeatedly found wanting in the final third. Burnley looked a shadow of the pre-match form guide and looked very average. The game continued on the field with plenty of huff and puff yet little purpose - whilst noise a-gusto rang from the Pompey fans, unsurprisingly berating the lack of noise from the home fans and reminding everybody of the forthcoming derby match!
At the half time whistle - many fans had already made an early exit to the refreshment stands to ‘beat the queues’. By then the air had turned decidedly colder - as the old habits of foot-stamping and hand rubbing became visible by anybody still braving the half time stands’ lowering temperature.
The second half continued largely in a similar vain to the first. Chances of witnessing a goal were few and far between - with shots taken from long range or threat stifled before reaching the box. It seemed any snap shot by either side had little chance of stretching the net. The game had an air of nil-nil written all over it. One moment of note and one of the best chances came when Pompey were clearly denied a penalty when the Burnley player hand-balled jumping high with arms flaying to block a cross. The referee was not interested - much to the unsurprising vehement frustration of the traveling fans.
And so the game played out its course - with end to end football - yet it never seemed to feel like their would be an end product by either side. Pompey continued to have good possession and neat passing with the majority of the attacking threat down the left. Burnley threat seemed largely to be more direct through the middle and at set pieces - but nothing ever looking too troubling for a stout Pompey rear-guard.
And so the game neared it’s end. Watches were checked and re-checked. A draw was mentally prepared for - not a bad result by the form guide but Pompey would have felt a little aggrieved having had the better share of chances and play. However all that was to dramatically change - as Norris fired in a late low shot to left of the Burnley keeper and send the traveling fans in a late burst of delirious enjoyment and increased noise. Could this be the away win we so badly craved? We didn’t have to wait long, for the simple answer was to be YES - as Burnley had next to no time to reply to the opening goal.
It was difficult to pick a man of the match as the whole team seemed to have a reasonably good game - so instead I’m going to dedicate the ‘man of the match’ award to google maps and the iPhone for being the saviour of the day!
And so we witness the highs and lows of being a football fan. Both sets of fans would have been content with the draw for different reasons - yet the blue army went home with smiles on their faces, sore throats and warmth in their hearts, whilst the fans donned in Claret - could only exclaim excuses of ‘a bad day at the office’.
Bring on the scum...
Brian Brooks

Alan completes Great South Run!

Well done to our club secretary Alan for completing the ‘Great South Run’ in Pompey. On 30th October he completed the run in 1hr41mins - not only a great achievement but raised lots of money for charity too. Good work Alan - we’re all proud of you!


Clan Pompey AGM minutes

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - BON ACCORD, GLASGOW 15th October 2011 Present:- Chairman: Simon Bowman, Treasurer: Stephen John, Secretary: Alan Cottingham, Membership:Jamie Kirkby   (Not Present), Website/Admin: Brian Brooks (Not Present), Others attending: Chris Evans, Ken Wilson, Phil Cook, Jim Hainey, Neil Davies (new member…welcome) 
1. A quick nod of approval in regards to the acceptance of last years minutes. 2. ACCOUNTS  Steve gave a brief account of last year’s expenditure and confirmed that the Clan Pompey current bank balance is a very healthy. 3. MEMBERSHIP
a)  It was put forward that Neil Wiggins wanted a more of an active role in the Clan. After a quick e-mail it was deemed another wee practical joke by his mate Jamie. Unfortunately Neil can’t spare the time with his work commitments and family. At the moment we have Ken Wilson who has taken on the role as Social member for the Blackpool trip and has already put the wheels in motion as we speak. Alan Cottingham will look into trying to organising the Xmas Dinner on the 18th December.
b) It was also decided that no membership cards were required for near future as it was deemed to be unnecessary.
c)  Membership fees were also to stay the same as last year £5.00 Seniors £10.00 Adults £20.00 Family membership It was also requested that the fees have to be paid up front. There to many members leaving it to the last minute.  d)  It was also discussed that the Club should try to promote the Club and push for new members. Brian Brooks has already started an open group page for any Pompey members on Facebook so please lets try and get everyone involved.  e) As it seems nearly every Clan member are going down for the Blackpool trip, it might be an idea for an advert being placed in the Blackpool programme on match day to ask for new members to join the Clan. We use to do this in the past and we gained quite a few members along the way by doing the adverts.  f) A big thank you to Phil Reed for the past few years on looking after the Clan’s Website and keeping up dated. Brian Brooks is now looking after our interests on the website and has asked for our help by sending any Clan Pompey photos from the past. So, please help out where we can. 
4. BLACKPOOL TRIP As most of you know the BIG WEEKEND is in Blackpool to watch Pompey play and have a damn good time. As mentioned before it was discussed that Ken Wilson has taken a big active role at has already got a small hotel in mind. So look out for your e-mails because places are being snapped up as we speak. As Northern Blues have been such great friends to Clan Pompey these last few years. Could say they are our Brothers in Arms or even our Blues Brothers.  It was put forward that we put a small spread on and a few beers for them all in the hotel where we will be staying.  5. CHRISTMAS DINNER -  Sunday 18th December It was decided that the best place to have the Xmas dinner would be the Bon Accord in Glasgow. Over the years they have stuck by us and put up with our antics these past  nine years. They are willing to put aside a large area for the xmas dinner and will make sure that the Portsmouth v Southampton game will be shown live on Sky for us. As Kick off is 1pm we will not be eating until about 3.30ish. It would be great occasion and would be brilliant if we could get as many Clan Members and family at the Bon Accord as possible. If not for the game maybe for the Xmas Dinner. To try and coax Clan members and family away from their cosy settees it was decided that the Clan would pay a good portion of the price for the Dinner for members and family. So, a lovely Xmas Dinner for £10!! Yes a five course meal for £10 each. What more do you want…Portsmouth beating Southampton…A good meal for a tenner..and of course good company and a few drinks thrown in during the afternoon. So please make a big effort. Could do your Xmas shopping in the morning and chill with good friends watching footie and having a good meal later on in the afternoon. Alan Cottingham will give you all the details at a later date. 6. MERCHANDISE Simon is going to look into the firm that use to do our Merchandise to see if they still have the Clan templates.    7. BON ACCORD Chris has kindly offered his signed Portsmouth shirt that the Clan present Chris for being a good egg and for all the hard work he put in these last 8 years. So we will ask the Bon Accord if they are willing to put up in the pub when it is framed. 8.  DERBY GAMES In regards to the two derby matches with Southampton. They will be MEMBERS ONLY for the tickets so don’t go putting pressure on Stephen for extra tickets for this game because you won’t get them. Members only!! So don’t ask.   9. TEN YEARS ON   Would you believe in July next year Clan Pompey will be ten years old. Scary eh? Where has all the time gone. It would be great if we could do something special to mark this event. Might an idea to invite past members back for a night out. Anyway, get your thinking caps on and see what you come up with. Lastly a big thank you for Stephen John and Young Simon Bowman for all there hard work this year as Chairman & Treasurer. It is sometimes a thankless task and all you seem to get is hassle…So, cheers lads        

Ipswich v Pompey match report

Prior to the game I was aware that Ipswich had a good home record and are a team with confidence and ability.  My understanding is that Pompey have been a team of one half per match this season, well last night was a much improved display with Pompey being the better team for both halves and Ipswich showing none of the qualities I had been told to expect.
We had most of the possession and won most of the one to one battles around the pitch.  I haven’t read any newspaper reports yet, but I would say that nobody was poor with the exception of the awful defending for their goal.  The defence really hadn’t had much to do to at that point in the game and that is why they were opened up so easily and attackers not closed down.  I couldn’t tell you who the offending players were but the defensive mix up happened on our left side.
After we went down a goal we changed from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2, we bought off Rocha and bought on Eric and then soon after Kanu came on for Kitson and we also made a defensive substitution and took off Lawrence but I couldn’t tell you who came on.  It was a frantic 10 minutes at the end but as had been the case throughout the game, lots of huff and puff and possession but no killer instinct and by this time, we never looked like breaching their effective defence.  The result was an unfair 1 – 0 loss.
I came away really pleased that we had made an effort for both halves of the game and despite losing, we had been the better team throughout the game.
It was great to see Jan at the game although I think he had had significantly more to drink than me and waffled a lot!

New Website Launched!

Welcome to the new Clan Pompey website - we hope you like it! We also now have a Facebook group for improved communication and messaging etc. Check out the link and join us via our contacts page. If you have any ideas, stories or suggestions for the website then please get in touch - we’d love to hear them!

Clan Pompey AGM

Clan Pompey AGM Agenda 2011-2012.

Date: 15th October 2011.
Time: 1400.
Venue: Bon Accord. 153 North Street. Glasgow. G3 7DA.

1. Acceptance of last years minutes.

2. Accounts.
Brief summary of accounts

3. Office Bearers.
Chairman Simon Bowman.
Treasurer Stephen John.
Secretary Alan Cottingham.
Membership Jamie Kirkby.
Website/Admin Brian Brooks (to be formally agreed).
(Posts to be confirmed).

4. Membership.
Membership cards
Promotion of new members.
Membership fees.
Payments for membership outstanding.

5. Matches/Travel.
Burnley, 10th December.
Scummers, 18
th December.
Leicester, 31
st December.
The BIG weekend – Blackpool, 11
th February.
Barnsley, 18
th February.
Doncaster, 14
th April.
Notts Forest, 28
th April.

6. Website.
Thanks to Phil for looking after the website.
Thanks to Brian for taking up the role.
Reminder; send photos and tales to Brian.

7. 2011 Christmas Dinner.

8. Use of Funds.

9. Flags.

10. AOB.

11. Beer time, watch telly.

(Meeting outcome to follow)...